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Address : Surat, INDIA | Ontario, CANADA
Country : India
Phone : 91-261-311-2404
Email : info@intellectperitus.com
Website : http://www.knspartners.com/index.html

Company Details

IntellectPeritus is a global Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) consulting company, specializing in the field of Intellectual Property research and founded by seasonal professionals with solid technical expertise and with experience of working for technology-leading organizations in various technology domains for decade of years. IntellectPeritus is providing value added services to a global clientele including law firms, technology corporations, start-ups, venture capitalists, patent brokerage firms and individual inventors.

IntellectPeritus providing excellent quality of analysis clubbed with Innovigence Coronium & Innovigence Corona to all our clients, with only goal to fill the gap between quality analysis and interpretation of conclusive results to make smarter business decisions by providing Innovative Intelligence (Innovigence), that you can trust.



- Patentability / Novelty / Pre-examination / Prior-art / State-of-the-art
- Freedom-to-operate / Clearance / Right to use / Domination / Infringement / Right to make
- Invalidation / Validation / Opposition / Due Diligence
- Patent Watch

- Technology Landscape Analysis
- Portfolio Analysis
- Portfolio Benchmarking Analysis
- Patent-to-Product Mapping
- White-space / GAP Analysis
- Technology / Competitor Watch


Ravi Bhola