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CPA Global

Address : Plot No. 6, Tower-B Tech Boulevard, Sector 127, Noida, Delhi 201301
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Phone : 0120 4067316
Email : ADhar@cpaglobal.com
Website : https://www.cpaglobal.com/

Company Details

CPA Global is the world's leading intellectual property management and technology company. We power the ideas of the world's most innovative and disruptive companies through our technology and services, helping our customers make more efficient, profitable IP decisions daily.


We exist to take the hassle out of IP; liberating the world’s IP experts from process; empowering them to do what they do best.  Since 1969, we’ve been relentlessly reducing risk for our customers; setting the standard for reliability and secure, verified data; driving efficiency through best practice and actionable IP intelligence. And we’ve always recognised the value of technology applied by the very best people; experts who balance the big picture and microscopic detail; those energised by unwavering focus on customer success. It’s what has made us the global leader in IP management, trusted with the most critical assets of the world’s leading corporates and firms. But like the IP experts we serve, our quest for progress never ends. We’re building new and faster ways to liberate our customers; creating a platform that’s continuously improving; driven by a culture that’s obsessed with better.




The world of Intellectual Property is evolving. Today’s most innovative companies and law firms see IP as a highly strategic asset. This is paving the way for something remarkably better - New IP.


New IP results in increased profitability, efficiency, customer satisfaction, and the elevation of Intellectual Property to the highest level of boardroom decisions – with significant competitive advantage. However, New IP is only possible by arming an IP department or law firm with the latest tools and technology for better intelligence, more data, more automation, and connecting with the rapidly evolving IP ecosystem. CPA Global is focusing on guiding the market through a journey of digital transformation to enable clients to achieve New IP.