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RoyaltyStat LLC

Address : 5335 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W. | Suite 920 | Washington, D.C. 20015-2084, USA
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Phone : 1-202-558-2356
Email : mcoutinho@royaltystat.com
Website : https://www.royaltystat.com

Company Details

RoyaltyStat is the most up-to-date and reliable source of royalty rates extracted from unredacted license agreements. RoyaltyStat's rates are used in transfer pricing, purchase price allocation (PPA), intellectual property valuation, and due diligence connected with litigation, business development, bankruptcy, mergers and acquisitions.

RoyaltyStat provides curated data and custom-built tools available online 24/7. With more than 18 years of online experience, RoyaltyStat’s databases are used worldwide for transfer pricing compliance and intangible property valuation. Launched online December 14, 1999, RoyaltyStat is trusted by government agencies, by corporations, and by accounting, consulting and law firms.