The Institute of Intellectual Property

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The Institute of Intellectual Property

Address : 3-go Maja 10/2, 40-096 Katowice, Poland
Country : Poland
Phone : 0048 608 206 869/0048 783 805 806
Email : jankowska@iip.edu.pl
Website : http://iip.edu.pl/en/

Company Details

The Institute of Intellectual Property was established on the initiative of practitioners and theorists of intellectual property law, aviation and space law, and of the aviation and aerospace sciences, representing the academic centres of the Silesian University and  the Military University of Technology . The initiative to create a platform for the exchange of ideas and the conducting of extensive interdisciplinary research on the use of new technologies in the aerospace industry was the brainchild of the group of Dr. Marlena Jankowska, Prof. UŚ Dr. hab. Mirosław Pawełczyk, and Col. Dr. hab. eng. Sławomir Augustyn.

The overall objective of the Institute is to carry out scientific research as well as educational and social activities related to intellectual property law, aviation and space law, disaster management with the use of new technologies in the field of aviation and aerospace, as well as competition law and commercial law. The Institute also desires to support initiatives and projects aimed to strengthen legal awareness in those fields, and to stimulate interest in these areas of law.

The realization of these, the Institute’s ideological goals, is carried out under the auspices of local government organizations and the state, with the support of prominent representatives of science. The Institute will also be focused on educational activities, by organizing symposia, lectures, research, conventions, meetings, conferences and expert talks, and also on publishing activities, which will be managed by the Institute’s Library.

The Institute’s motto is the slogan “Creativity is intelligence having fun” (A. Einstein). It is an expression of a sustainable, albeit interdisciplinary approach, that the Institute and the individuals involved want to pursue their idea of spreading the word to the public about the law, new technologies and innovation in the future approach to regulation, science and business.

The statute of the Institute can be found by clicking the link: Fundacja IIP Statut.