Syngience Business Solutions


Syngience Business Solutions

Address : 156, D J Dadajee Road, Tardeo, Mumbai – 400034, Maharashtra, India.
Country : India
Phone : 91 9819810076
Email : cmathew@syngience.com
Website : https://www.syngience.com/

Company Details

Syngience Business Solutions provides Global Trade Mark Watch services to Indian clients and IPR Law firms across India. Your trademarks are your reputation and your source of revenue. Syngience allows you to safeguard the goodwill you have developed in the marketplace through your intangible assets. Our state-of-the-art trade mark surveillance services at reasonable costs, provides customized and effective trademark watch strategies for protecting your brands.

Syngience covers more than 180 Jurisdictions, and along with Trade Mark Watch, provides other watch services like Competitor Watch, Company Name Watch, Domain watch, Social Media Watch etc.

Syngience operates out of Mumbai with a young, dedicated agile workforce of 200+ Trade Mark Watch professionals.