Relecura Technologies Pvt Ltd.


Relecura Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Address : 4695 Chabot Drive, Suite 200, Pleasanton, CA 94588 United States
Country : US
Phone : 080 4095 2580
Email : kiran@relecura.com
Website : https://relecura.com/

Company Details

At Relecura Technologies, we believe in solving problems! Our motto is to help innovators and IP analysts focus on what they do best, Innovations, while our software tools take care of knowledge retrieval, analysis, and management.

Our flagship product, Relecura, offers an analytics platform for technology developers, inventors, IP professionals and corporate leaders to make better decisions. The platform is used to extract insights and provide analytics from large data sets of patent documents and repositories of science and technology information. Please visit us at our website www.relecura.com to know more.