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Company Details

Conventus Law is an online legal media platform with a Asia Pacific focus to provide up to date legal analysis to lawyers doing business in Asia Pacific.

At Conventus Law, we are passionate about two things. We want to help businesses investing in Asia turn legal challenges into businesses advantages and we want to make it easier for leading law firms to raise their profiles to the business and legal community.

We believe we are able to use these values to assist investors doing business in Asia. Everything we do at Conventus Law is about helping investors turn legal challenges into business advantages.

We have designed an online platform that is easy to use and provides easy access to specialist advisors. Our platform allows readers to have complete control on how they access the latest business legal analysis and advisors.

Conventus Law partners with only the very best and most respected law firms in the Asia Pacific to provide up to date legal analysis to lawyers doing business in Asia. Our readers can access Conventus Law to read white papers, view video analysis, listen to topical legal podcasts, attend in person to our roundtables and connect with the expert advisors.

Content on Conventus Law is provided by our partners and in-house reporters.