Rajeev Gupta

Dr. Rajeev Gupta


Dr. Rajeev Gupta focuses his practice on patent litigation in the U.S. district courts and the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC), strategic patent prosecution, and client counseling. He has considerable experience in telecommunications, optics, semiconductors, wireless technologies, networking, smartphones, communication protocols, cryptography, lithography, material properties of semiconductors and metals, biometrics, video game technologies, software, microprocessors, security systems, optical fibers, telematics, human-computer interaction, and in areas pertaining to fabrication and characterization of nanodevices. His nanodevice experience includes physics of nanomaterials, laser manipulation of atoms, high-resolution optical Fourier transform spectroscopy of nanomaterials, quantum computing, quantum devices, and use of synchrotron radiation and other vacuum ultraviolet sources for characterization of materials and detectors for microlithography. Dr. Gupta has broad experience in all aspects of patent litigation, including examining and cross-examining fact and expert witnesses at trial, taking and defending depositions, and managing day-to-day litigation activities. He has tried cases before administrative law judges at the ITC. In addition to his litigation practice, Dr. Gupta advises clients on a wide variety of transactional patent matters, including licensing, strategic prosecution matters, and monetization strategies for issued patents. He has extensive experience in assessing, developing, implementing, and managing patent portfolios. Dr. Gupta also provides opinions on patentability, infringement, and validity of patents. Prior to joining Finnegan Dr. Gupta served as a staff scientist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, where his research activities covered a wide array of topics, including, nanofabrication of one and two dimensional magnetic and non-magnetic arrays; microlithography with the use of excimer lasers and radiation from synchrotron sources; development of deep ultraviolet optical sensors; and high accuracy characterization of optical materials for optical microlithography.

Day 2 - Wednesday, 24th January, 2018

4:30 pm to 6:00 pm

Technical Session X - Challenges and its countermeasures in Intellectual Property Litigation

Grand Ball Room I

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