Ramachandran Laskshminarayanan

Mr. Ramachandran Laskshminarayanan

Director & Head - IP & Innovation
Samsung R&D Institute

Lakshmi heads the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Management in Samsung R&D India - Bangalore, and is responsible for championing systematic invention creation, securing an enforceable patent protection & building a high-quality patent portfolio. 

At Samsung, Lakshmi leads the IPR Management to institutionalize patent creation culture across the R&D, and significantly improve the quantity as well as the quality of inventions originating from Bangalore. Samsung became top patent grantee in India from inventions made and first filed in India. Samsung R&D - Bangalore won (i) National IP Award Y2018 & Y2015 (ii) WIPO IP Enterprise Award Y2015 (iii) Zinnov “Great Place to Innovate” Y2015 & Y2017 (iv) Samsung Special Award Y2016 and Confederation of Indian Industry IP Award Y2017.

Lakshmi has over 20 years of experience in the field of IPR, with specialization in patenting of software technologies and management of large global patent portfolio. 

Lakshmi was appointed by Government of Kerala to its advisory panel of Patent Attorneys for enrichment of IPR awareness & university IPR Policies across the state. Lakshmi was featured in IAM Strategy 300 – as World’s Leading IP Strategist, by the reputed “Intellectual Asset Management” business platform. 

Lakshmi is Graduate in Mechanical Engineering from the Institution of Engineers (India). He holds LLB from Karnataka State Law University and also an LLM in Business Law. He is registered to practise before the Indian Patent Office since year 2002.

Day 2 - Wednesday, 24th January, 2018

2:30 pm to 4:00 pm

Technical Session VIII - Artificial Intelligience and IP: New Frontiers and Challenges

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