Jyoti Singh

Dr. Jyoti Singh

Head - IP
ACS International India Pvt Ltd

Dr. Jyoti Singh is a post graduate from University of Delhi and holds a PhD in Chemistry from Saurashtra University. She has worked in the areas such as Synthesis, Formulations & Intellectual Property Rights for a few years before joining ACSI India (Representing Chemical Abstract Service).


She has over 14 years of experience in Research, IPR & online scientific databases and has received advanced training for the same in Germany and USA. She has also conducted technical workshops in searching scientific information for research decisions in Academic, Government and Corporate Research centers. She has also published papers in various Scientific Journals & Conferences

Day 2 - Wednesday, 24th January, 2018

2:30 pm to 4:00 pm

Technical Session IX - Can IPRs foster innovation in the field of Biotechnology?


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