Abiola Inniss

Dr. Abiola Inniss

Founding Director
Caribbean and Americas Intellectual property Organization (CAAIPO)
New York

Dr. Abiola A.A.Inniss  Ph.D. LLM, ACIarb, DTM is the Founding Director of the Caribbean and Americas Intellectual property Organization.-CAAIPO dedicated to research and practical development of intellectual property rights and policies in the Caribbean. She received her education at Walden University U.S.A in Law and Public Policy and DeMontfort University School of Law U.K.

Abiola is the leading analyst and author on Caribbean Intellectual Property and the founder of the Caribbean Law Digest Online.

She is the author of:

Copying, Copyright, and the Internet: The issue of internet regulation with regard to copying and copyright,2011, ISBN-10: 3844315969
Essays in Caribbean Law and Policy: A comprehensive Discourse, 2011, ISBN-10: 3844331476
Public Speaking Skills: Tips to becoming a competent presenter 2011, ISBN-10: 3845414529

Available at Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.com

She is also a law teacher, ADR practitioner and presenter who has written extensively on Caribbean IP law and other areas of Caribbean law. published articles, issue briefs, and academic papers. She has lectured and presented papers in the Caribbean, the United States of America, and internationally on Caribbean Intellectual Property Law and Policy, reviewed conference papers and conducted research.

Dr. Abiola Inniss is a Distinguished Toastmaster, having attained the highest award given by Toastmasters International in recognition of speaking and leadership excellence. She was inducted into the Phi Alpha Alpha international society for excellence in public policy and administration in December 2014

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