Founded in 1999, WIPS has grown up as the unique collection providing IP total service and maintained the top position since its establishment. Making a stepping-stone of the success in Korea, we’ve been expanding our global business to be the strongest and most useful IP resource & tool in global market. Our global product, WIPS Global, web-based patent DB system, has come with better coverage, better quality and more professional modules. We’re sure WIPS Global guides you more productive and efficient way for your challenges.

▶What’s New

Easy Search function which recommends highly correlated documents using only keywords instead of a complex search formula organized by operators.

Report function that is very useful for understanding the sequential techflow and managing simple bibliographic data and technical contents of the document of interests in a word format. Report provides the summary type and techflow type. Summary shows the document by freely formatting each page before printing. Techflow enables users to have a quick grasp of technology development by arranging the documents based on the start date for the right.

IP Expert offers results optimized for patent practices with a simple click. Invalidation Advisor is very useful when invalidating a valid registered patent. By entering the registration number of a patent that needs to be invalidated, an essential list of reference documents related to the case is provided, as well as additional documents that can be used as grounds for invalidation are suggested based on WIPS logics. Its IDS Check function checks for possible grounds for patent restrictions due to IDS violation of duty which only exists in US.

FTO Generic provides a convergent service that links Orange book information, a database composed of U.S. FDA approved pharmaceutical products, and WIPS patent information. Users can search in a few different perspectives and get the results in groups based on pharmaceutical products. Most importantly free conducted pharmaceutical patent list is displayed by your search. Users can check the expiry date in advance.


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