To earn money by raising early stage intellectual property

The fintech startup, Moneycatcha of Ruth Hatherley was in their peak origination business with their block chain technology. The development of the product behind closed doors was interrupted due to the need of more investment and to expose the entrails of their system to various financial institutions.

The next step taken by her was to secure her idea and also she drew in a seven-figure investment, while giving special focus to the competitive activities.

Being a former patent attorney, she has worked with numerous inventors who needed protection and funding for their new product or software.

There are several frequently asked questions. One of them is whether the idea is new or whether the patent is available on such idea. IT was very practically explained by her that whether it’s nearly impossible to say with absolute certainty whether an idea is truly original or not. Yes, Patent search can be done; it is prudent when it ultimately comes down to what the Patent Office will think of the originality of your idea.

Patent Office’s employ trained examiners with technical degrees in a wide variety of subjects. It’s their job to ensure that one is not awarded a patent for a concept previously invented by someone else. The key part of the intellectual property right is innovation and the most successful innovators believe this that instead of being discouraged during the searching process, focus should be made on improving what’s already done.

Another question arises whether one can be sued or not for stealing another’s original idea. It would only be prudent to steal ideas only if such idea is patentable.

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