Rebrand by OnePlus Due to Trademark Issue

One of the key features of OnePlus smartphones has been Dash Charge. The technology was first introduced with the OnePlus 3 in 2016, and allowed users to charge their phones up to 60 percent battery levels in just about 30 minutes. Being a proprietary technology, Dash Charge only worked with supported cables and a charger that were also dubbed under the same name.

As reported by Android Police, OnePlus had filed to trademark Dash Charge in the U.S. and European Union in 2016. However, the trademark application was rejected by the European Union in March this year, as two companies challenged it. One of them is Bargi, a wireless audio company, which sells Bluetooth earbuds, under the name of Dash Pro. The second company is  Amazon, which has Dash replacement service that allows connected devices to order goods from Amazon when running low. Both companies filed their opposition under the “likelihood of confusion”.

However, when launching its latest OnePlus 6, a lot of fans noticed that the company did not mention the fast charging technology at all. It’s also come to attention that Dash Charge cables and charger have been rebranded as Fast Charge on the company’s website. All these changes are said to be coming into effect because of trademark issue between OnePlus and Amazon.

OnePlus can still continue using the Dash Charge name, but it looks like the company has rather decided to replace it with Fast Charge. The change hasn’t been implemented completely, but is slowly happening. It should be noted that only the name is being changed, the underlying technology behind it is still the same.

When we reached out to OnePlus, the company said it filed for a Dash Charge trademark in the US and European Union when the OnePlus 3 was released (in 2016), but the EU just rejected the application in March of this year. Upon further investigation, two companies have contested the Dash Charge trademark in the EU. That includes Bragi, a wireless audio company, and Amazon. Amazon’s trademark is for the ‘Dash Replenishment’ service, an API for connected devices to order items from Amazon automatically.

Even though OnePlus can still legally use the Dash Charge name, they wouldn’t own the trademark in the EU. As a result, it seems like the company will switch to another charging brand in the future, especially since it has largely stopped using the Dash Charge name already.

Source: BGR India

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