Protect Intellectual Property Rights: Vice-Chancellor of Nagpur University

S.P. Kane, Vice-Chancellor of Nagpur University told that the protection of intellectual property rights is a must for universities as it ensures safety of research work carried out by students.

“Research carried out by students is an asset to any institution since it can potentially be basis of a major future reform. Besides safeguarding the valuable work, if university leases these research papers, it could be a means of additional revenue generation for universities,” he said.

Kane was attending a daylong national seminar on ‘Protection and promotion of intellectual property rights: Fostering innovation and IP for a better tomorrow’ at the postgraduate department of mathematics on NU campus. Pankaj Borkar, deputy controller of patents (Vidarbha region), Rajeev Gandhi National Institute of Intellectual Property Management (RGNIIPM) and Justice Atul Chandurkar of the Nagpur bench of Bombay high court were also present at the seminar.

It was organized conjointly by the PG department of law and Confederation of Indian Industries, Nagpur.

Justice Chandurkar educated the students on the legal aspects of IP and its importance. He told that, “Trademarks, copyrights and patent are different ways in which you can secure your ideas or intellectual works. Indian judiciary also upholds protection of such property. The protection law exists since 1911.”

“Trademarks and patents not only protect manufacturers’ interests but are also a sign of quality. A customer, while buying a trademarked commodity, can be rest assured of the consistency in quality of product,” according to Chandurkar.

He said that the commercial rights of companies and human rights of people should be kept in mind by the companies. In case of their violation, human rights will be given priority over commercial standards.

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