Patanjali and Dabur violating biodiversity act

Entangled in a legal dispute with Himachal Pradesh Government over lease of a 22 acre plot in Solan, Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Yog Peeth is in for a new controversy as it has been alleged violating the Bio-diversity Act.

Himachal Pradesh State Biodiversity Board is likely to issue notices to the Patanjali Yog Peeth and Dabur, the other major manufacturer of Ayurvedic medicines in the country, for alleged violation of Bio-diversity Act.

Both the firms have been allegedly procuring herbal raw material from the State without getting registered with State bio-diversity body and paying the requisite fee.

Herbal industry was getting 40 per cent raw material from the pristine Himalayan ranges of Himachal, however, it was matter of concern that not a single penny was being paid by the herbal medicine makers to the State Government.

Under the provisions of Biodiversity Act, the companies need to seek a registration from the Biodiversity Board and pay fee for procuring natural herbs and other raw material. The fee under the act is determined according to the turnover of the company.

The State Government is now planning to recover the entire amount from these companies, which were making heavy gains out of raw material procured from the State.

The State Biodiversity Board would seek details of use of flora and fauna from the companies before putting any penalties on the alleged erring companies. On the basis of the information to be provided by the companies, the pending fee would be made liable on the erring companies.


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