Nike v Puma: Battle of the brands!

Nike filed suit against Puma for purported patent infringement. The athletic-wear giant accused Puma of multiple counts of patent infringement related to unauthorized use of its Flyknit, Air and cleat assembly technologies. Nike has asked Puma to stop using these methods, but Puma has refused to do so.

“Puma … has forgone independent innovation and is instead using Nike’s technologies without permission,” the lawsuit reads.

With respect to Nike Air technology — which relates to footwear sole structures — Nike alleges Puma violated U.S. patent that protects footwear “having a fluid-filled bladder with a reinforcing structure.”

Nike claims a 2017 Puma sneaker, The Jamming, is in violation of this patent because it is “an article of footwear comprising: a sole structure incorporating a fluid-filled bladder and a reinforcing structure secured to the bladder.”

Nike is seeking a permanent injunction against Puma and requesting that damages be rewarded.

Meanwhile, Puma does not believe it infringed upon any patents, and plans to continue production of its products.


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