Netgear conquers network storage

Network storage has become a key revenue part of Netgear, based in US with data booming across the global sectors.

Doug Cheung, the global product line manager of Netgear mentioned that it has become the third major market along with Japan after US and Western Europe.

Netgear declared consumers and small-medium size businesses as their primary revenue makers.

Network Storage has become very important with high amounted data. Huge amount of data is created in every sectors of corporate fields be it any law firm, real estates, medical offices, design companies, or any kind of film industry. The creation of data is on a digital medium and it continues to grow gradually.

Cheung talks about the security of the data and mentions it to be the most valuable assets after the employee data.. Supplier, customer, transactional data and intellectual property everything is stored in it. Not only that, Net gear is also offering five levels of protection which includes protection from duplication of data, deletion of data by human errors, virus, physical medium and system level errors.

Big data and deep learning is the base for any analysis. , Notably, Netgear’s software development including mobile apps such as manager or
monitoring apps are being developed in India.  Big data will be one of the big trends always.

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