Mcdonald’s plea adjourned

The National Company Law Appellate Tribunal adjourned the hearing about the complaint filed by the Delhi partner of McDonald, Vikram Bakshi, for a fair assessment of its participation in the Indian Joint Venture of Connought Plaza Restaurants Ltd (CPRL) the previous day.

As part of the license termination, CPRL was asked to stop using the name, system, trademarks, designs and intellectual property associated with McDonald’s, among others, with immediate effect since September 6th, the license having been terminated on 21st August.

Bakshi has been toe to toe with McDonald’s since 2013. Later, he approached the National Company Law Tribunal, after he had been discharged from his position as Managing Director from CPRL in 2013. In July of that year, the court ruled in Bakshi’s favour to restore him to the position of the Managing Director which was challenged by McDonald’s in the Court of Appeal of the National Company Law (NCLAT), where the appeal stands pending.

The tribunal being headed by Justice A I S. Cheema suspended the issue till November 16 for the next hearing, considering that the parties approached the High Court with their respective cases.

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