Kendall Jenner among others in Trademark Infringement suit

Kendall Jenner, DJ Daniel Chetrit, and Apple Music have been slapped with an ugly trademark infringement lawsuit in connection with PizzaBoys, their brand new Beats 1 music show. The name of the show is, according to a new lawsuit, way too similar to a trademark that Robert Karaguezian,  the founder of a Los Angeles-based brand and artist collective called Pizzaboyzzz, has been using for almost 5 years.

According to Karaguezian’s suit, which was filed in a New York federal court, he has been forced to resort to legal action due to the direct threat to the goodwill of his Pizzaboyzzz trademark by Kendall Jenner and others and their sudden wide-scale commercial exploitation of the confusingly similar moniker, “PIZZABOYS.

Karaguezian alleges that he has been using the Pizzaboyzzz mark exclusively since 2014 in connection with the manufacture and sale of clothing, decorative pins, and various other products to customers around the United States, as well as in Puerto Rico and Japan. The defendants opted to start using the confusingly similar  PIZZABOYS trademark as recently as two months ago for a newly-launched internet radio program and Instagram account promoting associated PIZZABOYS apparel directly competitive with goods and services bearing Karaguezian’s trademark.

Despite sending to the defendants last month demanding that they cease and desist their allegedly infringing use of his mark, Karaguezian alleges that they have refused to cease their unauthorized and infringing misconduct, nor have they assured him that they will not sell apparel bearing the infringing PizzaBoys mark.”

As a result, Karaguezian has asked the court to order the defendants to immediately and permanently cease all allegedly infringing use of the Pizzaboyzzz trademark and pay a handful of monetary damages in connection with their use of the PizzaBoys mark.

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