Israeli company takes down distributor tampering with the Trade-Marked products

Israel based BERMAD Company, having the ownership of trademark “伯尔梅特BERMAD” have accused Shanghai Bermad Control Valve Company for manufacturing and selling valve products bearing the infringed Trademark “BERMAD”. The Shanghai firm has purchased the red-fire valve and the blue-pressure reducing valve, at a relatively low price from 2014 to 2016.

The company bears liability for the act of changing color of the valve into green which is supposed to indicate a digitally controlled electro-hydraulic valve. It also replaced the gaskets of the purchased valve products with gaskets purchased from elsewhere leading to substantial change in the original product. The infringer has also sold 64 units of counterfeited green valves for 1,464,275 Yuan in the name of the owner.

Such infringing acts of selling and retrofitting are clear violations of Article 57, of the Chinese Trademark Laws. Article 60 has also been invoked to impose injunction on the Shanghai firm. It has been penalized 5.61 million Yuan, as the act is considered to be the biggest trademark violation case, dealt by Shanghai market regulatory authority.

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