IP Australia introduces machine learning for TM examiners

IP Australia has implemented “cognitive computing tools” for its trademark examiners, claiming that no other IP office uses such technology.

The ‘Smart Assessment Toolkit’ will streamline trademark examination, according to a press release issued today, May 25, as the machine learning models will quickly identify potential issues and alert trademark examiners to them.

According to the release, the initial toolkit includes a ‘smart search’ function, which will “automatically compare new plain word trademark applications with earlier registered trademarks to produce a list of hits based on similarities of goods and services”

The toolkit also includes ‘word analysis’, where a mark will be identified for any problematic terms including those that include potentially objectionable issues, and ‘ownership’, which will retrieve and analyze ownership information against other data including those at the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Patricia Kelly, director general of IP Australia, said the toolkit is a “game-changer for trademark examiners”.

“We’re embracing advanced machine learning technology to provide leading-edge tools to our staff and improve our service to customers. This technology helps examiners focus on more complex and value-added tasks, allowing better use of our skilled staff and improved quality of administration,” she said.


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