Illegal use of Symbols in Shops

The law prohibits the registration of a trademark if it is one of the State’s public titles, symbols, and slogans. The use of the slogan is also in violation of Article 14 of Law No 7 of 2002 regarding the protection of copyright and related rights, which prohibits the depiction or drawing of official figures for commercial use.

Inspection campaigns conducted by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) have resulted in the detection of 22 violations, and subsequent imposition of fines on the violating shops, for the unauthorised use of the slogan ‘Tamim Al Majd’ on products such as sports shirts, gold chains, perfumes, cups, office equipment and wooden boxes. The MEC explained that the “use of a logo or trademark was restricted to lawful uses”. The logo and symbol subject of the trademark should be held in high regard as a public symbol and slogan that should not be disrespected or undermined. “It is, therefore, forbidden to use the logo and slogan in a disrespectful manner,” it added.

The ministry has urged the public to respect the symbol and slogan as a public emblem that should not be disrespected or undermined.

Source: Gulf Times

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