If EU Alters Patent rules, then there is a way for 25000 Pharma Jobs

Mylan, which employs 1,600 people across four sites in Dublin and Galway, said the additional jobs will only come about if a manufacturing waiver on supplementary protection certificates (SPCs) is introduced across Europe. Up to 25,000 additional pharmaceutical manufacturing jobs could be created in Europe by 2025 with the Republic of Ireland in a strong position to gain a significant number of the new roles, according to one generic drug maker.

The European Commission last year launched a public consultation on SPCs but has yet to publish the findings. An SPC is an EU-wide intellectual property right that extends the protection of a patented medicine by up to five years. SPCs effectively compensate patent holders for time lost in getting regulatory approval for medicines.

Under the current regulation, European-based manufacturers are prevented from producing medicines for regions outside the EU during the period of an SPC although such protection may not exist or might last for less time in other jurisdictions.

Mylan’s European president Jacek Glinka has called on the Irish Government to back the introduction of a manufacturing waiver, saying such a move could boost employment opportunities, increase net sales to the EU pharma industry by €7.3 billion, and ensure faster entry to market for generic and biosimilar medicines. Biosimilars are medicines that have no clinically meaningful difference from the original patented biologic medication but, like generics, cost less because they require lower R&D costs.

Mr Glinka, who is also vice president and treasurer for the Medicines for Europe association, made his comments while on a visit to Dublin last week.

Source: The Irish Time

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