IBM assigns Patents to Cybersecurity company Finjan

41 patents and 1 pehnding application has been assigned to a subsidiary of cyber security company Finjan holding , which owns IP covering Cyber Security , named ‘Finjan Blue’ by IBM

Under the agreement, Finjan Blue will receive 30 US patents, 11 related international patents and one European pending patent application. The terms of the deal are confidential.

Finjan Blue has published a list of its patents and applications, which currently number 36, suggesting the list has not been updated to include the latest acquisitions. This is not the first time the two companies have signed a patent agreement.

When Finjan Blue was formed in August 2017, Finjan Holdings announced that the subsidiary had signed a patent acquisition and development agreement with IBM that “includes pathways for the two companies to consider development efforts in the future”. That deal covered the transfer of “select security-related patent assets”.

In an emailed statement, Hartstein (President and Chief Executive Officer of Finjan Holdings, Inc) expressed his expectations regarding the patent acquisition agreement with IBM:

“Finjan returns to its roots with a business relationship it had with IBM nearly 20 years ago that included Finjan shipping its early enterprise appliance products on the IBM e-series chassis. This Agreement sets the foundation for us to work cooperatively with IBM now and into the future, bolsters our growth, and fits squarely within our strategic objectives.”

IBM has been the leading assignee of US patents for the past 25 years, as reported by WIPR in January. The company’s total of 9,043 patents in 2017 is triple the number it received a decade ago, and it means IBM has acquired more than 100,000 patents in the last 25 years.

Source – World Intellectual Property Review 

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