Freelancers and Creatives gets new account option delivered by the Dropbox professionals

Dropbox has TWO ACCOUNTS. One of them is PLUS ACCOUNT for the people who want extra storage and another one is business account for those who want extra features but both of these accounts could not justify the up gradation of business. Thus, today the the company announced a new account level called Drop box Professional which help those users caught in the middle.

Dropbox Plus accounts provide a healthy terabyte of storage, but that’s just for starters which the responsibility of the company is. Dropbox is offering a “showcase” could be a marketing packet, a customized application for financial services or a mini advertising portfolio to share with clients. There is also an option to store the files locally by featuring Smarty Sync in Dropbox in the cloud or both places.

Dropbox Professional doesn’t provide any of the administrative backend type of functionality you’ll find in Dropbox for Business, but gives a set of advanced features for a monthly price which is decent. It’s a big step above Dropbox Plus without having to invest in a set of tools in the business version that as a sole proprietor or small business wouldn’t be able to afford.

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