Flash Electronics files patent violation suit against Enfield arm in US

New-Delhi based auto component maker Flash Electronics has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Royal Enfield North America citing unlawful use of a technology it had developed in 2014. Royal Enfield (RE) has denied the charge, saying the intellectual property rights to the technology are owned by its supplier.

The patent infringement lawsuit was filed in a US district court on May 16. Flash Electronics plans to file lawsuits against Royal Enfied in India and multiple European countries in the coming days, Sanjeev Vasdev, the company’s managing director, told reporters.

Royal Enfied, in a statement, said, “We would like to clarify that the said component is supplied to us by an external, proprietary supplier, which independently develops and owns the IP rights in the said component.” Royal Enfield added that the supplier denies Flash Electronic’s claims “vehemently”.


Vasdev claimed that Flash Electronics holds a patent for the technology in the US and several European countries, including Germany, France and the UK, and is awaiting grant of intellectual property (IP) rights in India.

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