Embedding tweet : Subject to Copyright Infringement or not

A New York District Court ruled in a case “GOLDMAN V BREITBART” That embedding tweets may amount to copyright infringement has generated widespread criticism for it & has far reaching implications of acts of inline linking done, this make tweeted content appear on web page other than twitter.

In-line links enable content from a source website to be visible as part of a linking website’s main body, i.e., instead of taking the user to another web page like a normal link, an in-line link creates a connection between the linking website and the source website and the user has access to the source website’s media without ever exiting the linking website.

The main case was the plaintiff, Justin Goldman uploaded his photo of a famous sports figure, Tom Brady, on his Snapchat story– which went viral and landed on several online platforms, including Twitter. The tweet containing the photo was later embedded by news outlets and blogs in their articles. Subsequently, Goldman sued the news companies for infringing his exclusive right to display his copyrighted work. Before the Court, the defendants’ primary argument was that under the ‘Server Test’, they could not be held liable.

This is not the first time where these things have created war of words, beside from infringing copyright from owner, such practice may also adversely effect commercial interest & viewership rate of website company


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