Eli Lilly defeats challenge to Alimta Cancer Drug Patent

The challenge to a patent covering Eli Lilly and Co’s Alimta drug which were used to treat lung cancers and mesothelioma was rejected by a federal patent review board.

Alimta is Lilly’s third biggest-selling drug, accounting for $2.28 billion of the Indianapolis-based company’s $21.22 billion of revenue in an accounting year, regulatory filing shows. Lilly mentioned that it begins losing patent protection in 2021.

Lawyers for Neptune did not comment anything about this matter.

Michael Harrington, who is Lilly’s general counsel, mentioned in a statement that the company is pleased with its “significant scientific research and its’ patent protection are justified and up to date.

Issued in 2010, the so-called vitamin system patent which was challenged addresses methods of administering Alimta along with that it described about the pretreatment with folic acid and Vitamin B12, to reduce the drug’s toxicity in patients.

Lilly was exposed to legal challenges starting from its right to avoid competition for Alimta, whose chemical name is “pemetrexed”. It has said its vitamin regimen patents provide patent protection for Alimta through June 2021 in Japan and large European countries, and through May 2022 in the United States.

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