Draft Law Takes Aim at Fake Drugs

According to the draft amendment to the Drug Management Law, firms that manufacture or sell pharmaceuticals permit a allow, or that manufacture or sell fake drugs, can face fines up to 30 times the worth of the product concerned. Existing law provides for fines of up to 5 times the worth.

Manufacturing or mercantilism fake drugs can end in the suspension of business and revoked certificates, whereas the production or sale of substandard drugs can end in fines of up to 15 times the worth of the product producedor sold, and will end in different penalties such as business suspension or revoked permits. Current law needs maximum fines in such cases of 3 times the worth of the product concerned.

In addition to fines, perpetrators might also face criminal sentences. Officers in charge of drug supervision will face heavier punishments just in case of violations involving drugs, the amendment aforesaid.

Additionally, drug producers should straightaway recall drugs from the market if they have quality or safety risks, and data concerning the recall ought to be shared with the general public and drug authorities.

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