Darts-ip: The Power Of Case Law

The digital age has transformed our world, from the way we live to the way we work. It has also transformed the world of Intellectual Property. Ideas, concepts, products, designs, applications… IP itself is no longer limited by geographical or national boundaries. IP rights consequently have become infinitely more important and IP case law exponentially more complex. Different jurisdictions, languages, decisions and non-standardized global IP structure can make finding relevant case law daunting. How can one navigate IP case law to find the necessary documents, no matter the language, quickly and with certainty that no key aspect (point of law, outcome, parties and courts involved, and more) has been overlooked?

The answer, of course, is to find a unique database that collects and analysis case law from around the world, in your language. Darts-ip provides a centralized structure, to bring the world of IP case law to you. Darts-ip was built on the belief that case law is powerful, and that this power should be leveraged to its fullest extent. Accessibility is the key to leveraging this power. The inability to rapidly search for and find comprehensive information from any jurisdiction has hindered IP professionals’ability to effectively deploy the full power of case law in their daily practice. Our exclusive document gathering structure combined with our unique analysis capabilities provides an unprecedented collection of IP case data.

As of December 2018, Darts-ip has gathered over 3,716,000 cases from 3,500 courts located in 132 countries. From anticipation to litigation, Darts-ip helps IP professionals leverage global case law rapidly and effectively.

Answer your most pressing questions in minutes:

  • How well do you know your competitors, clients, prospects and how active are they?
  • How often have they been challenged, for what, where, and how often have they won?
  • How similar are goods or services in a conflict, and have you considered all relevant Nice Classes for your good or service?
  • What is that status of a certain technology or patent, and is this up-to-date? Is your FTO analysis complete?

Of course, some of this information might be from a jurisdiction you’re unfamiliar with, a field you’re discovering or simply there may be just too much of it. Darts-ip’s unique analysis capabilities, pairing AI processes to local jurisdiction experts, allow you to not only find information easily but in a highly contextualized and organized manner. From identifying global and local market trends, only visible through thousands of cases, to deeply  understanding one specific actor, industry or IP right, Darts-ip’s analysis capabilities in the world of IP case law are unparalleled.


Our IP case law database and analytics bring solutions to 30,000 IP professionals, every day.

Darts-ip. Leverage the power of case law.



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