China plans four-month crackdown to protect foreign investors' intellectual property rights

China plans

BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s commerce ministry on Monday uneveiled a four-month crackdown, running from September until the end of 2017, to protect the intellectual property rights of companies with foreign investors.

In a statement on its website, the ministry said China would target theft of business secrets, knockoffs of well-known brands, the trade of goods in violation of intellectual property rights and take steps to protect copyrighted material. This clearly shows how China is being honest in her field of development and this would take her to a great height. China, by taking this step has stood up itself as a world wide example for the other countries to omit corruption. By executing this plan China is also protecting her own brains and are not allowing them to be sold to the richer countries.

China has taken an excellent step and if this plan come into play and is executed properly, it may bring a lot of changes in various fields of the country. It would develop the country economically, culturally, socially and also would bring a height in its infrastructure.


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