A senior official of the government is working on a digital transformation index for Start-ups in the country.

NITI Aayog, who is a senior official of the government think-tank, said that she is working on a digital transformation index for start-ups in the country.

Digital Transformation Index (DTI) is a tool which is used for measuring that how the organization is helped to grow in a digital world.

Aalekh Sharan, Officer on Special Duty, NITI Aayog, said, after discussing too many top innovators who are engaged with multinational companies and foreign company, said that, “The challenge is to bring them back home and inspire them to contribute towards innovation in India. This is something which will create more jobs.” She also spoke at a conference for the startups and entrepreneurs organized by Technology Centre of the CII in association with United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and Global Intellectual Property Academy (GIPA) here.

The NITI Aayog official also understood the need for stronger industry-academic link for creating a better eco-system of innovation.

Sanjay Bhattacharya, Deputy Controller of Patents and Designs, Patent Office Kolkata, said, “Now things have moved online, all reports are available online.”

The processing time for such reports used to take 18 months previously and all the processing was not done in soft copy but in hard copy, he said.

Bhattacharya added that 500 examiners have been appointed to accomplish patent applications.

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