November 2016 Archive

What impact will BREXIT have on the IP landscape in Europe?

EU membership has had a significant influence on the development of UK IP law and even after a UK exit that influence is likely to continue. Harmonised legislation, judgments by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), pan-EU IP rights and parallel litigation mean that there has been close cooperation within the European… Read More

Search for cases like it’s 2020!

So what, exactly, does structured IP case data mean for you? In the past, IP professionals did not have access to: (i) a global database, or (ii) a structured cases database. In most instances, this has been ruled out as being “impossible” anyway.  There was just too much unstructured information. For instance, how could you… Read More


  WIPS Founded in 1999, WIPS has grown up as the unique collection providing IP total service and maintained the top position since its establishment. Making a stepping-stone of the success in Korea, we’ve been expanding our global business to be the strongest and most useful IP resource & tool in global market. Our global… Read More

Synergizing Invention, Investment and Innovation

  We are living in the age of innovation which means continuous drive for a hange for transformation in our living style for comforts and improvement of social and economic system. Innovation drives economic growth. Joseph  chumpeter said that innovation is the product of new combinations and even without invention, there is possibility for a… Read More