162 intellectual property violations reported in Saudi Arabia


Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property (SAIP) revealed that the Committee for the Consideration of Copyright Infringements has received 162 cases related to infringement of authors’ rights and violations of the Copyright Protection Law from different regions of the Kingdom.

The General Secretariat of the Committees for the Resolution of Intellectual Property Disputes said that during the past period, the Committee had considered a number of cases and issued decisions to impose penalties and fines commensurate with the size of the violation, in addition to confiscating and destroying the seized items, defaming the violators in accordance with the committee’s opinion.

It also took steps to make available financial compensation to the rights holders in proportion to the damage resulting from these infringements.

These cases cover audiovisual, literary and artistic works such as books, pictures, graphics, video clips, computer programs, satellite broadcasting rights and other works protected by the system.

SAIP invited copyright holders to communicate with the authority through its official channels via emailSAIP@SAIP.GOV.SA or through its social media account @SAIPKSA, and to attach proof of infringement of their rights guaranteed by the law, to prove infringement.

It also urged to attach statements of the infringer, whether natural or legal person, the right holder or his representative under a power of attorney while submitting the complaint.

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