Subramaniam Vutha

Mr. Subramaniam Vutha

Subramaniam Vutha & Associates

With over 40 years of experience, Subramaniam Vutha has provided, in the last 15 years,  consulting and training services to leading companies, in   the development and implementation of Corporate IPR Frameworks [IP strategies, policies, processes and roadmaps], ecommerce laws, information technology laws and complex licensing transactions. 

Previously, Vutha worked for over 25 years at senior levels with leading organizations, including IL&FS and the joint venture of Unisys Corporation, USA with the TATA group.

Vutha is a Founder Member of the Technology Law Forum, [www.techlawforum.org], a member of the International Technology Law Association [www.itechlaw.org], a Past President of Licensing Executives Society, India, an affiliate of the Licensing Executives Society, International. [www.lesi.org]

Vutha is a Former Lecturer on I T Laws at the University of Mumbai’s Department of Law, for LLM students

Recently Vutha was featured in a list of the World’s Leading IP Strategists 2017 by IAM Magazine of London.

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